Ursula Stephen Shares Natural Hair Tips During The Wash Day Live Series

Ursula Stephen
Photo courtesy Ursula Stephen The Salon

Calling all naturals! Whether you’re new to the natural hair game or a proud veteran, you can always use extra hair care tips in your routine. And the Wash Day Live series hosted by Kia Marie, has become a go-to resource for hair mavens to discuss what it’s like being natural and locking down a few tip and tricks along the way.

And the latest episode welcomed hairstylist extraordinare Ursula Stephen into the conversation. Known for her work with various celebs ranging from Zendaya to Rihanna, Ursula is always full of haircare and styling tips to share.

So, if you’ve been struggling to care and style your hair during Quarantine, Ursula and Kia are here to help. Below, we’re sharing seven tips from Ursula herself to keep your mane in great shape without the help of your go-to stylist.

  1. Make haircare a priority. Ursula shares that you can’t reach your hair goals without maintaining a healthy foundation. And the best way to do that is to learn what your hair needs. By paying attention to your mane, you can figure out which products and hacks complement your strands the best.
  2. Leave-in conditioner is a must. While deep conditioners can take time, leave-in conditioners pick up the slack to provide your hair with the softness and moisture that it needs. It also works in your favor to easily reapply when needed. So, if you’re in a rush, a leave-in conditioner won’t steer you wrong.
  3. You need slip. Slip is an important thing for natural girls to look for. Using products that give you slip can work wonders to make your detangling process easier and soften your strands.
  4. Add the new Dove Amplified Textures line to your routine. Simply put, every product says exactly what it’s going to do. And when finding the right products to complement your naturals strands, you need essentials that can get the job done, which is what Dove’s new collection brings to the table.
  5. Always layer products. If you know that immediately cleansing your hair can lead to tangles and dryness, it’s essential to layer with a pre-poo. Ursula shares that this helps to bring on the softness you need for a manageable hair wash routine.
  6. Apply products while wet. Sometimes if you let your hair dry you have to reapply product, which can cause product build-up. So always apply product when hair is soaking wet. If hair does dry up on you during the process, re-wet with water.
  7. Do not trim your hair yourself. While you may be due for a trim, it’s not best to get crafty with scissors. The problem is you can experience breakage and shedding due to split ends with more manipulation. So, minimize any combing or brushing during this time. Instead, opt for low-manipulation styles like two, long cornrows or a ponytail. The key is to find styles that can hold you over. You also want to make sure that you’re using moisturizing products to seal and soften ends.

Want more tips? Watch the IGTV episode of Wash Day Live below!