74th Annual Bronner Bros. Cancels August 2020 Beauty Show Due to COVID-19

A hairstylist cuts hair on stage at the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show.
Photo courtesy of Bronner Bros.

Thanks to COVID-19, many of our favorite events have been cancelled indefinitely. Unfortunately, the 74th Annual Bronner Bros. International Beauty show will be among the latest events to be cancelled.

Those who have already registered for the event will be automatically refunded, according to a press release.

Billed as the nation’s largest trade show for multicultural beauty professionals and students, the event was initially slated for August 2020. In lieu of its traditional conference format, event organizers announced they will offer an exclusive virtual experience through online platforms on Sunday, August 9th and Monday, August 10th.

“If my father, Nathaniel Bronner, Sr., was here, he would challenge us to find a way to maximize this moment. So, the Show must go on,” said James Bronner, SVP of Show Operations. “Our goal is to help the Black beauty industry stay inspired, engaged, and educated. We have faced challenges before, and there is no doubt that we will come out of this better and stronger—because we’re in this together.”

It’s no surprise that the organizers struggled with incorporating social distancing measures into the show’s format, since it’s interactive approach would make it nearly impossible to follow. After all, the nearly 30,000 attendees come to the event. And in light of the latest Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statistics that suggest that African Americans are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, the Bronner Bros. team did not want to risk the safety of its attendees.

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