Hype Chat: ‘Bring It’ Coach D Shares Deets on Her Beauty Favs & Cosmetics Line

Dianna Williams
Courtesy of Lifetime

These days, choreographed dancing is the content we can’t get enough of on TikTok and Instagram. But long before the Savage challenge, dance coach Dianna Williams – better known as ‘Coach D’ on the Lifetime hit-series Bring It! – has been choreographing sizzling dance moves for her traveling Dancing Dolls troupe.

And even though this famed dance instructor is stuck in the house like the rest of us, she still enjoys getting dolled up! Dianna shares her favorite beauty products for when she wants to dance with her team or in the comforts of her home!

HYPE HAIR: You have been a performer for over a decade, rocking some of the flyest costumes and hairstyles. What are your top three hairstyles that you like to wear?

DIANNA: I have so many styles that I’ve worn and loved, but the top hairstyles that I’m obsessed with are the side part, shoulder-length bob – oh my god, that’s my fav! And I like the middle part, 613 Blonde, blunt cut passed the shoulder bob and the side part, 26″ bone straight look.

HH: Your natural hair is so long and thick. What are your favorite go-to hair care products to maintain your natural hair?

DIANNA: Oooh la la! I am in love with Welton’s World Magical Potion, as it keeps my hair moisturized and Canvas Beauty shampoo and conditioners! The Magical Potion gives my scalp a cool feeling and has been helping my hair grow so fast. And the Canvas Shampoo system, I have to say, has my natural coils looking great, shining and so soft! On top of that, the Canvas product smells so good!

HH: What has been your go-to look during this time of social distancing?

DIANNA: Actually, I’ve rocked my natural puff a lot and have been switching between wigs. Playing dress up in my closet and taking pictures has become a new past-time!

HH: Hype Hair is also the premier platform for beauty tips. So what are your favorite skincare products?

DIANNA: I have been using these amazing Total Life Changes products and a Beauty Bar from Phi Pi! From Total Life Changes, I use Infinity Oil and The Rejuv Spray; and from Phi Pi, I use their Sun Kissed Facial Bar. Literally, the combination of all of these has kept my skin fresh, vibrant and healthy. I haven’t had to touch a bottle of moisturizer for my face. These products are it!

Sun Kissed Facial Bar
Photo Credit: Herbs to Health

Try: Sun Kissed Facial Bar, $10

HH: What else are you working on? 

DIANNA: I am currently finalizing my memoir “The Shady Series,” which is a three-part book that details my life. It’s very personal but a necessary look inside of my life. I am also awaiting the launch of my cosmetic brand, The Buck Box! COVID-19 halted production, but I’m so glad that we are finally moving again. Praise God!