Hype Chat: ‘Married to Medicine LA’ Star Lia Dias Dishes On Owning A Beauty Supply Store And Holy Hair Grails

Lia Dias
Photo Credit: Bravo Media

If you’ve been tuning into Bravo’s Married to Medicine LA, you’ve undoubtedly seen Lia Dias, the ultimate #mompreneur. While she’s known on the show as being the friend of Dr. Imani, she’s also an established beauty supply store owner — a rare feat as a Black businesswoman. As a wife, mother of three, and an entrepreneur, Lia is not your typical doctor’s wife.

We caught up with Lia to discuss her favorite hair trends and her three beauty supply locations.

HYPE HAIR: What were your favorite hairstyles to rock on the new season of Married to Medicine?
LIA: This season, all I wore were wigs. My stylist, Crystal Clark (@crystalizedhair), has been doing my hair for years. She has a hair collection with the most amazing quality hair. Every week she created a new wig based upon my filming schedule.

HH: What are your favorite go-to haircare products to maintain your natural hair? 
LIA: Having beauty supply stores allows me to have access to so many products, sometimes before they even hit the market! Some of my favorite lines are The Mane Choice Hair Solution’s Pink Lemonade & Coconut collection and anything by Camille Rose. When I am not filming, I love wearing protective styles. As much as I love a great wig or weave, sometimes I just need a break!

HH: What are your favorite skincare products?
LIA: I feel so lucky because one of my best friends is an esthetician. I have a history of skin issues… anything may cause me to break out! I have to be extra careful about what products I use on my skin. She found this wonderful line for me called Eminence. It’s an organic skin care line, and my skin loves EVERYTHING about it.

HH: How long have you been in the beauty industry and what made you open up Girl Cave LA?
LIA: I have been in the industry for 5 years. I started The Girl Cave LA after being mistreated in a beauty supply store as a customer. I thought, “Why do I have such negative experiences in stores that were designed to cater to me and women like me?” I took a small savings and started with limited resources and put everything I had into it to grow the business to what it is today. The Girl Cave LA consists of three retail locations and an e-commerce site. I am most excited that my success in this business does not stop with me. Earlier this year, I welcomed my first franchisee with a location in Compton, California. To see her grow and do well is the greatest reward and pushes me to keep building and creating more opportunities.

HH: What advice would you give other women who are interested in opening a beauty supply store? 
LIA: I know it sounds cliché but location, location, location! Make sure you select a space that will support your traffic with great parking. Customers need convenience; you have to make it easy for them. Also, which is most important is to do your homework! Know what you are getting into before you venture into this business. It is rewarding but can be very challenging.

HH: What can our readers expect to see from your role on Married to Medicine LA this season? 
LIA: Viewers can expect to see me be introduced to a strong group of women . I had some difficulty (to say the least) navigating so many dynamic personalities. I also think people will see different aspects of my very full life! From being a mom, supporting my husband’s growing practice, while also maintaining my own businesses.

HH: What’s next for Lia Dias?
LIA: Honestly, I don’t know what’s next for me! Right now, I have so many new opportunities, and I want to make sure that whatever I do next I am passionate about it. For now, it’s focusing on The Girl Cave LA.

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