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Get Zoom-Ready In An Instant With This Must-Have Hair Accessory

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With social distancing in full effect, work meetings are held in conference chats over Zoom now. And while you may make it a point to always put your best face and mane forward, you may not be in the mood to work your magic at home. Luckily for you, this is where the Cantu Deco Easy Wrap Slide-on Fashion Band ($11.99) comes into play.

Cantu Fashion Wrap for Adults
Photo courtesy of Cantu Beauty

Sure, the idea of having to style your hair for a virtual meeting seems unnecessary, but Cantu wraps make it super easy to pull together. Instead of relying on your arsenal of styling products to achieve desired looks, this head wrap can pull your look together in minutes—making it a quick fix for the morning when you may have overslept.

See, the cute printed fashion band wraps are a great way to style your ponytail slay. So instead of going all out, a simple placement of your head wrap can instantly transform your look from drab to fab. And, once you slip it on, you’ll be able to make a chic statement.

Not to mention, this headband can be used to cover your head completely or as a chic headband to compliment your buns, ponytails, and other updo styles. If you have fitness zoom classes, it also makes for a great accessory. You know what that means–the days of worrying about your strands falling in your face are over.

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