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Lifted Lace: How To Avoid Your Worst Lace Front Nightmare

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We can all agree that there is nothing worse than a lace wig that lifts when you least expect it. You could be on a date, in the office, or en route to your destination, and a wig lift can completely ruin your look. However, you don’t have to struggle with inadequate wig installs. Instead of relying on glues that won’t last past an hour, the KISS All Mighty Bond collection can get your units back in shape.

KISS Products have long been a go-to in the hair industry, and this collection will follow suit. This new line features a remover and an all-in-one kit for your lace front wig needs. This lace bond has been tested for over one year, proven to be strongly recommended and loved by hairstylists. This bond was developed to provide consumers a strong yet super safe formula that will give them the hold they desire and protect their hair and edges when removed.

Kiss All Mighty Bond Kit
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The name All Mighty means the formula is All Mighty; it has a strong hold yet; it’s safe, instant drying and has no harmful chemicals. Not to mention, it has provides a seamless finish, without jeopardizing your baby hairs. So, if you’ve been burned by other offerings on the market that have removed your edges, KISS is here to save your mane.

In other words, this collection is everything you’re looking for in a lace front wig bond. Plus, the All Mighty Bond applies white and turns clear and stays clear.

To use, simply clean and remove all makeup and residue on the application area. Apply a thin layer of the KISS All Mighty Bond on the hairline. Once the glue becomes sticky and clear, apply more layers as needed. Follow up with placing your lace wig on your hairline and hold until dry.

Once you’re ready to remove, simply use the KISS All Mighty Remover to protect your edges. This unique formula helps to melt away any glue residue while working to protect your edges. Once you apply the remover, it will gently start to melt the glue. Massaging the product into the glue will develop a soapy consistency that will help remove your lace wig.

With these products, you won’t get caught in these streets with lifted lace ever again.