Tina Knowles Says ‘Getting Your Hair Done’ Is Not Worth Dying For

Tina Knowles
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As folks all over the country question the sanity of reopening salons and other beauty services in Georgia and Texas, Tina Knowles is telling us to stay home.

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Mama Tina (with full lashes, a poppin’ red lip, and a blonde highlighted unit, mind you) took to Instagram with a PSA telling us our lives are worth more than our hair.

“We as Black people love to get our hair done, we love to get our feet done. I would love nothing better than to get my rusty feet done right because they are pretty bad. I have no nails,” she said while showing off her bare nails. “I’d love to get my hair professionally done because I had to do it myself. But let me tell you what, it’s not worth it guys.”

She, like many of us, is also wondering why businesses primarily frequented and serviced by Black folks and women are the ones that were chosen to open ahead of the others.

“Why would these be the first places that open?” she continued. “We need to stay at home. It’s people dying every day and Black people are dying at an alarming rate. We can do without this.”

The numbers don’t lie. Blacks are dying at a disproportionate rate. Of the 26 states that have reported coronavirus deaths by race, Black people account for nearly 34% of the fatalities, according to Johns Hopkins.

Nearly 85% of beauty professionals and 95% of cosmetologists are women, according to a report by the Professional Beauty Association. Black women, in particular, outspend on everything related to hair and beauty. We outspend nine to one on haircare products alone, reports Neilsen.

We’re not here to tell you what to do with your hair or bodies or businesses. Closing up shop has been devastating to everyone involved. So, please make the best decision for you (and stay safe).

Watch Mama Tina share her message below.

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