Wigs #101: Does Your Wig Fit Properly?

Mayvenn Lace Front Wig
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There are many factors in the quest to achieve a natural, believable lace front. We often talk about the actual lace and coloring it to match your scalp or ensuring it’s cut and laid properly. But before we get there, we should really be asking ourselves does our wig even fit.

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Sure, many wigs now have adjustable straps and combs, but that gap or bunched up line at the nape of the neck is not cute. Especially on a 360-degree lace front. Ask yourself (and be honest), do you have more head or hair than wig? Is it not lining up with your temples? Does the wig drown out your forehead?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it’s time to take stock — actually, measurements — of your head so that you can get the best fit and slayage. Human hair wigs are a considerable investment, so let’s make it worth it!

Our good friends over at Mayvenn gave us some great tips on how to properly measure your head for your next human hair wig investment.

For starters, get a cloth or rolled up measuring tape. That retractable ruler is not your friend right now. Next, roll it and get the next six measurements:

Wig Measure: Circumference
Wig Measure: Circumference


This is the primary measurement of your entire head. Wrap the tape from your forehead to behind the ears and around the nape of your neck to the front.

Wig Measure: Front To Nape
Wig Measure: Front To Nape

Front To Nape

This is super important to ensure the wig is the right length for your head. Measure from your hairline at your forehead to the nape of your neck.

Wig Measure / Ear To Ear (Across)
Wig Measure / Ear To Ear (Across)

Ear To Ear (Across Forehead)

Next, measure from ear-to-ear across the hairline at your forehead.

Wig Measure / Ear To Ear (Top)
Wig Measure: Ear To Ear (Top)

Ear To Ear (Over The Top)

Also, get the measurement from ear-to-ear over the top of your head

Wig Measure / Temple
Wig Measure / Temple

Temple To Temple

Measure from temple-to-temple around the back of your head.

Wig Measure / Nape Of Neck
Wig Measure: Nape Of Neck

Nape Of Your Neck

Finally, measure across the small nape of your neck at the base of your hairline.

Another tip I swear by when measuring is to make sure your hair is braided down so you get the proper sizing. If you’re measuring while it’s in a ponytail, your measurements may skew high.

Once you have recorded all of these measurements, compare them to the size on the site you’re ordering from to get the right size wig. These measurements can also come in handy for ordering custom wigs, especially if you can’t get to a shop right now.

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