4 Black Beauty Founders Share Their Secrets To Success Amid COVID-19

Carmella Williams
Carmella Williams — founder, Carmella Marie // Photo courtesy

A personal touch makes a difference

If your business’ foundation is face-to-face interaction with your customers, considering personalized communication may be a good approach to maintaining your customer relationships.

When the pandemic canceled beauty and textured-hair company Carmella Marie’s spring hair shows, it significantly decreased the brand’s projected sales by more than 60 percent. As a response, the brand quickly moved to action. CEO and founder Carmella Williams stayed connected by sending handwritten snail mails to customers with empowering and encouraging messages.

“In a time when more companies are running ads, I decided to send handwritten snail mail to all of my clients and potential clients to let them know that I am thinking about them and they are important to me,” says Carmella.

“As a result, people are responding on a steady basis and I have seen a huge uptick the email open rate, and in online sales. When people know that you care more about them as a person they are more likely to feel that love and respond by sending a note, making a purchase or sharing their story with others.” 

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