4 Black Beauty Founders Share Their Secrets To Success Amid COVID-19

Black Beauty Founders

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a resounding message across the world: times are definitely changing. Every part of life has been affected, including consumers’ spending habits. By the end of March, npd.com reports dollar sales had decreased in the U.S. by 28 percent compared to the previous year.

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While every industry is experiencing dramatic impacts, beauty and retail businesses are arguably one of the most vulnerable industries affected by nation-wide stay-at-home orders. In an effort to remain healthy, beauty service providers are adjusting to the recent climate by modifying their overall digital marketing efforts to align with their customer’s needs.

“If you haven’t invested in digital marketing for your business, this is absolutely the time to do so!,” says social media and digital marketing specialist Jaleesa Howard. “Do not neglect it or scale back if you can help it. If anything, many businesses have simply seen a spike in online sales via their website; especially if they are sold in retailers. With stay-at-home orders sweeping communities around the world, ordering for home delivery has become a major convenience,” she adds.

This time may be unprecedented, but all is not lost. Hype Hair recently linked with four beauty brand founders who are positioning their businesses to be smart marketing responders during the pandemic.

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