Texas Department Puts Hairstylist On Blast For Booking Appointments After Stay-At-Home Order

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In the latest round of coronavirus hair news, the state of Texas is putting hairstylists on blast for booking appointments after stay-at-home orders shut down salons across the state last month. A statewide executive order was issued last week.

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The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) took to Facebook Monday to let one hairstylist, in particular, know they have eyes on her.

The post also comes just days after Chicago, Ill.’s mayor Lori Lightfoot is under fire after breaking her own stay-at-home order to get her hair trimmed.

Texas Department Of Licensing & Regulations
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Facebook responses have ranged from support for the TDLR office’s tongue-in-cheek comments to sympathy for the woman who joins millions across the country who have had to stop working or shut the doors to their businesses.

“Y’all really have some nerve. Shaming someone on fb when not a single person under those licensees have yet to be able to receive any financial help,” wrote one user.

“What’s wrong is for people to continue to violate the rules,” wrote another. “We are all hurting out here but how can we ever all get back to work when people are still violating the rules-whether you agree or not.”

Do you think the post was called for or did it cross the line of professionalism? Sound off below.

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