9 Men’s Grooming Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

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Simply put, men’s grooming is booming. Reports show the industry is expected to rake in $81.2 billion by 2024 — even in the midst of a global pandemic.

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It’s not that men’s demand for wanting to look good has changed. The same way salons have been a regular must-have for women, so have barbershops. By now, we’ve all seen the memes as we go through withdrawal from not being in a stylist’s or barber’s chair. And, we are all watching tutorials on how to address our latest needs, which is really just healthy, good looking hair and skin. 

What has changed over the years is access to products made, especially for men and general perceptions. The conversation is no longer centered on male masculinity—it’s just about doing you.

The beard movement remains strong. Man weaves have gone from laughable memes to $1,500 rituals. And men are getting their product junkie on. Instead of stealing our toiletries, they are buying—or have created—their own fixes that extend beyond clippers, beard oils and some “smell good.”

With the rise in available products, we are also seeing general brands actually market to men—especially Black men. In much the same way Rihanna turned the beauty world upside-down by not just carrying umpteen foundation shades, but also simply seeing us in the campaigns. Black men are seeing themselves. 

And today, Black men are upgrading their grooming regimens at home. They are giving themselves facials, finding innovative ways to perfect classic looks and creating grooming communities to address their most pressing needs.

Click through for nine of the top grooming trends to watch.

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