Watch The Doux Founder Maya Smith Show Us How To Slay Our Next Twist-Out

Maya Smith X The Doux
Photo Credit: Instagram/@IloveTheDoux

Slaying a twist-out is quite arguably the holy grail of natural haircare (after hydration, of course). So, we love a good tutorial showing us how to achieve ultimate definition and shine.

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The latest to give us twist-out life is Maya Smith, hairstylist and founder of natural haircare line The Doux. The beauty recently took to Instagram to show off her skills using one her faves from the ’90s throwback line: C.R.E.A.M Twist and Cream.

“The most important thing is to understand the concept of setting the hair,” Maya tells Hype Hair. “Styling products alone can’t deliver results, they have to be used as a tool to set the hair in the twisted position as it dries.”

To help control shape and volume and get the desired shape, Maya first parted hair in quadrants. Starting in the back, she did individual two-strand twists along the perimeter and flat-twisted the back half going down.

She then flat twisted the front sections, bringing the twists forward and wrapping with perm rods for added definition.

She then let dry, which is the most important step. “Any styling product used must be allowed to dry completely before the twists are touched or disturbed,” she tell us. “Hair that is unraveled or messed with before it is dry will be frizzy because the hair was not properly set in place.”

Press play below to watch how she slays her soft, bouncy twist-out.

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