Melanie Fiona Just Big Chopped 14 Inches Off Her Hair

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This new quarantine life has many of our faves (and us) exploring all sorts of new looks and hair ventures. I mean, we got time right?

And the latest to join the mane move challenge is Melanie Fiona. The R&B songstress teamed up with celeb hairstylist Kiyah Wright to chop off more than a foot of her waist-length tresses.

The two took to Instagram to share a breathless clip of Melanie rocking two pigtails sectioned off and ready for clipping.

“To all the women who out there who want to free yourself,” she says before taking scissors to the first ponytail, with Kiyah in the background providing all sorts of sister girl support.

It turns out, though, the big chop wasn’t because of social distancing boredom. She actually cut it earlier this month to donate to charity and help give her a new perspective on life.

Melanie Fiona haircut

In a post on IG, Melanie said the moment was not about her hair, but “a representation of how small I had allowed myself to become,” she wrote. “Years of carrying lost confidence, disappointment, failed expectations, hiding in fear….. covering me until I couldn’t see myself anymore. LITERALLY 👀!!! I needed to free myself from this programming. I was ready for my outer appearance to reflect my inner vision and life I wanted for myself moving forward.”

In fact, she had really wanted to cut her hair a year ago, but didn’t because she wanted it to be “symbolic.”

“By allowing this decision to be controlled by external factors, I had given my power away. Operating this way goes against everything I have learned and cherish about my spiritual evolution,” she captioned her own post of the big chop.

“So a couple weeks ago, I woke up with clear intention. To energetically move along the process I have felt so stagnated by, and to do something to empower myself without needing anyone’s permission or validation. I TOLD NO ONE. Not a single person. This was solely for me. – an exercise in empowerment, breaking cycles, energetic release, and rebirth. ✨”

Now she is living her best hair life, “14 inches shorter, and a lifetime of energy lighter.”

Press play below to see her new look.

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