Extend The Life Of Your Gel Manicure With This Beauty Hack

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Photo Credit: Instagram/@omgartistry

Friends across my timeline are literally freaking out right now because they can’t get to their nail techs and are not ready to soak them off. And, of course, as a beauty editor, they think I should know how to help them get through this personal battle.

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I’m not a get-your-nails-done type of girl, so I don’t. But, thankfully, beauty blogger Olivia Smalls found a quick hack to extend the life of your current gel manicure: glitter!

She took to Instagram to show how to “fill in” in her neutral-colored manicure with a bottle of essie “Top Of Rock” glitter nail polish.

To achieve, she dabbed on the chunky polish along the cuticle towards the base of her manicure and then went back over with a second coat to give it an ombre effect.

Press play below to watch her nail magic.


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