4 Tips To Beat The Ashy Hands Blues

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The past couple of weeks of social distancing and sheltering in place have led to more food breaks than I care to admit and an overabundance of washing my hands that would make my OCD friends proud. But with constant washing comes constant ashy skin (almost seems like an oxymoron, right?).

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And yes, the concern is real for touching and passing on the coronavirus, but nobody wants dry, ashy skin. Dry skin can become rough, flaky and get invisible tears in the skin leaving you susceptible to a whole army of germs.

Here, Dove Dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara, are some basic tips to keep your hands hydrated between your frequent washes.

Ditch The Harsh Products

Alcohol-based hand soaps may seem like the move right now, but you don’t need that for every single handwash. Harsh ingredients break down the skin’s natural skin barrier. Dr. Gohara recommends using a gentle and moisturizing hand soap like Dove Foaming Hand Wash ($2.99) to effectively wash germs away without destroying your hands.

Don’t Use The Same Towel For Your Face & Hands

Please keep the towels for your face different from the towels you user for your hands (and your whole body, for that matter.) Dr. Gohara reminds us that your “eyes, mouth, and nose are susceptible to virus transmission and your hands can pass the germs,” so separate towels work best.

Also, don’t rub so hard. Gently pat the hands dry to help prevent any further breakdown of the skin’s natural moisturizers.


Make sure to apply a rich moisturizer before your hands ash out. I love my shea butter, but you can also try something like Dove’s Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion ($5.39) or a pea-sized amount of Vaseline ($1.99) to lock in moisture. Just don’t overdo it — greasy keyboards are not a good look.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is the holy grail for skin (and) hair care. So drink up! Get in those eight to 10 glasses a day to not only help hydrate from the inside, but also help you flush out toxins for clearer, glowing skin.

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