5 Tips For Applying Color Hair Wax At Home

Bryanna George
Photo Credit: Facebook/Bryanna George

This cutie’s rainbow hair gave us all the feels earlier this week and many wanted to know how to recreate the look at home.

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After chatting about the inspo behind the look with her mom, Bryanna George, we also got some tips on how to get our color play on.

Bryanna, who is a licensed cosmetologist, shared that it was a simple look that anyone could do at home. For starters, instead of actually dyeing her daughter Imani’s hair, she used a temporary hair color wax (she recommends Mofajang Wax).

Scroll through for more tips to slay like a pro.

Bryanna George
Photo Credit: Facebook/Bryanna George

Protect Your Clothes

Before getting started, make sure to cover yourself with an old towel or t-shirt to prevent color transfer while applying.

Spray & Detangle

“I just started in the back, detangling,” says Bryanna. “I used a spray bottle with a little bit of olive oil mixed in on each section — it’s better to apply on damp hair. “

Bryanna George
Photo Credit: Facebook/Bryanna George

Apply The Color

Bryanna shares that the hardest part was just figuring out what color pattern she wanted. To get the rainbow effect, part hair in two-inch sections and alternate applying colors of blue, red, purple and gold.

We recommend starting with a thin layer to first see how your hair responds to the wax, and then layer on for deeper, richer color.

Let It Dry Completely

Hair color wax can be messy, so make sure to let it completely dry before moving around to keep it from getting on your clothes. Bryanna said after it dried that hasn’t noticed any major color dripping or run-offs since she applied.

Wash & Repeat!

The best part of this after you wash it out in three to seven days, you can start all over and get a whole new color to wow the world with!

Have you tried hair coloring with wax? Let us know your experiences below.

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