10 Hair Do’s & Don’ts While Social Distancing

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Do we really need hair do’s’ and don’ts while the country is experiencing the worst viral outbreak? I have seen your timelines, so yes. Yes, we do. Many of us are at home in self-isolation and social distancing mode and getting more and more restless as the days go on. We’ve eaten more ‘rona snacks than we care to admit and continue to conduct scouting trips for hand sanitizers and disinfectants as if they are the holy grail.

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And, now we’re looking at our beauty stashes wondering why we never tried something before and now have time to try everything. And wait, isn’t there a hair shortage, too?

Calm down. Before you pick up your shears or open up that box of color (that has been sitting for how long?), swipe through for some hair tips to keep your hair safe and sound during this coronavirus crisis.

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