Hype Chat: Celeb Hairstylist Jonathan Wright Is A Superstar On The Rise

HH: Given that you specialize in wigs, do you have any favorite hair brands? 
JONATHAN: I love Dhair Boutique. If you want your hair to look really naturally curly, they have some of the best hair ever. And Kendra’s Boutique.

HH: Do you focus on anything else besides wigs?
JONATHAN: I focus on natural hair. I make sure all my clients have healthy hair. I do everything overall, but I specialize with wigs because that’s what I love. It’s actually giving a person a full transformation.

HH: Are you licensed?
JONATHAN: Yes, I am licensed.

HH: What are some things that you want to see more of in hair this year?
JONATHAN: I want to see the ghetto styles back in the day—but on wigs, though. For instance, the donut and the hump. You know the hump, with the little ponytail and the little stick ends up? Those back in the day looks that you would be like, “Uh, no,” but because it’s on a wig, it’s so much fun.

Jonathan Wright X June Ambrose X Sza
Jonathan Wright, June Ambrose & SZA// Photo Credit: Instagram/@iam_jonathan

I want to see more creativity, I want to see people actually being creative and not following the wave. Create your own wave. Do what’s coming from your heart and your imagination.

HH: Now, you’re on the road styling hair for the next two months, what are some must-haves for your kit?
JONATHAN: I have to have my göt2b. I have to have my special hair glue. It’s actually something I’m working on and is coming real soon. Some spritz in there, too—Sebastian. And ponytail holders.

HH: Are you looking to have your own brand of products?
JONATHAN: That’s definitely happening in 2020. Hot tools and products and different things based on my needs. All of the stuff that I need to use and can’t not have in my bag.

HH: What is the most common question you get from your clients? 
JONATHAN: “You sure that color is going to look good on me? Is that right for me? Are you sure, freeenn?” [Laughs] That is the most common thing! I just need them to trust me.

HH: What else are you working on?
JONATHAN: Some new videos. It will be tutorials, interviews. It’ll be all of my friends and clients and moments between us. It will focus on beauty and also what people don’t see with the lifestyle of stylists traveling different places, losing luggage, etc. I just really want to show everybody what really goes on behind the scenes instead of just glam.

Also, I’ve got something that’s coming out that is like a “Bad Girl Bootcamp.” I’ll be taking some of my clients and doing a bootcamp where I revamp them into this bad girl.

HH: So it’s like a beauty makeover?
JONATHAN: Yeah, exactly! 

HH: You’re in the throes of building your career. What do you want to be known for?
JONATHAN: I want to be legendary. I want to be known as a stylist people look up to. I want to be known to educate and inspire everybody.

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