Hype Chat: Celeb Hairstylist Jonathan Wright Is A Superstar On The Rise

Jonathan Wright
Photo Credit: Marcus Owens

Jonathan Wright is a hairstyling superstar on the rise — and his mission is to leave his mark on the beauty industry. He may be young, but his grind is harder than most. At 19, he was dressing celeb clients for red carpets. Four years later, he’s gained renown for his hairstyling and impeccable wig techniques on such hair divas as Megan Thee Stallion, Blac Chyna, and more.

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That includes jaunts across the country with Megan (that gave us reality TV show feels) and most recently on-set hair for SZA’s visuals in her newest feature with Justin Timberlake.

When we meet, Jonathan (not to be confused with Johnny Wright, Michelle Obama’s former hairstylist) has just wrapped up a successful boss-up panel and meet-and-greet that had fans lined up for over an hour to snap a quick selfie with him. He takes his time with each one—stopping to adjust the ladies’ hair and hug it up with fellas.  

I get a warm “Hey Freeenn” before he goes back to flashing smiles for the camera.

He is also prepping for a 12-city tour that kicked off in Los Angeles last month and making stops in such cities as Atlanta, DC, Chicago and New York before closing out in April back home in Dallas. 

Here, he shares his vision for transforming women, tips for a flawless install—and the biggest mistake we’re making with our lace fronts.

Blac Chyna
Hair by Jonathan Wright // Photo Credit: Instagram/@iam_jonathan

HYPE HAIR: You started off as a fashion stylist and then got into hair. How did those two industries connect for you?
JONATHAN: I love making women look beautiful. Even when I was dressing a woman, I was already doing their hair in my mind. So, when I was a wardrobe stylist, in my mind I was already doing their hair and seeing [mentally] what the finished look was supposed to be. Also transforming women and seeing their reactions from their transformation is what motivates me to keep going.

HH: What inspires your hair creations?
JONATHAN: I’m not just a wardrobe stylist or just a hairstylist. I’m a visionary. I see animated characters [of my clients in my mind]. I can just see what will spice up their look, you know. With Megan—and all of my celebrities—I feel like they’re artists. They have to give different looks. They don’t even like changing their hair, but Megan, I would change her hair every day. 

HH: Everyone is rocking lace fronts right now. What is the most common fail that you see?
JONATHAN: Plucking. If a person is not framing a wig towards their head shape, it just looks like a wig. Now, you just got a mop sitting on your head.

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