Beard Care #101: 5 Tips To Keep Your Beard Game On Point

beard care x Josie Bee

We recently chatted it up on Facebook with hairstylist and beard care expert Josie Bee about some beard care basics to grow a full and flourishing beard.

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Here are must-have tips to follow to keep your beard game on point.

Take Care Of Your Skin

“Beard care equals skin care,” says Josie. Avoid products with damaging toxins and ditch heavy oils (and Vaseline) to shine up your beard. “This clogs pores and doesn’t help with moisture. Water is moisture. Oils only help seal in moisture.”

beard care x Josie Bee
Josie Bee

Upgrade Your Selection

While we’re talking products, she recommends using products designed specifically for beards. That means stop using your girl’s shampoos and such — what works on the scalp isn’t necessarily good for your face.

Of course, she recommends trying out her Beards by Josie Bee three-step system which includes a skin elixir, moisturizing cream and sealing oil.

But if you’re on the way to drug store right now, there is a growing list of brands that can suit your needs.

Low Manipulation

The key to a full, strong beard is low manipulation. Don’t do too much — this includes washing. “The most you should wash is three times a week,” shares Josie Bee. This will avoid stripping the hair of essential oils and prevent you from drying out your skin underneath your beard.

Never do it dry

Josie Bee warns that “most men aren’t getting enough moisture.” Though shouldn’t wash your beard daily, feel free to spray or splash on some water before brushing or combing. “This will help keep the hair from breaking or splitting.”

Keep It Trim

Josie Bee advises men who are going for length to get their beards professionally trimmed as often as every four to six weeks — especially if you are seeing any breakage or thinning areas.

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