Color Trends: 6 Ways To Ride The Color Wave

Color Trends

Black women coloring our hair has become a trend of its own. More and more of us are literally hitting up the crayon box to pick out new colors to satisfy our next hair fix. 

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We are lifting and bleaching to get once seemingly forbidden colors and donning lace front installs, as well as clipping in colored curls and spraying on dyes to bring our color dreams to life. We can now also paint on color dye gels like hair masques that not only give us vibrant colors but also help define our natural kinks, curls and coils. Yaasss to hair versatility!  

“That’s what makes it all fun, different,” says Keya Neal, founder of Kolour Kulture and the Texture Vs. Race Movement. “I see a lot more Black women entertaining color now than ever before. I love to see us being more open to different tones.”

She says this is especially true for women who have natural hair. “Because they can do it without causing as much harm to their hair and causing as much sensitivity.” 

And we can wear it all. “Black people, we come in so many shades, so we can play with many more colors,” says Dereq C, cut and color specialist. “We can actually choose from the whole color book.”

Blonde curls
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That is especially important in this new age of instant gratification and endless Instagram feeds that have left us with short attention spans on our hair choices. We want instant changeups to match our moods. We want to match our clothes.

“Women are going from one extreme to the next, and wigs allow us to switch up as much as we want,” says Keya, who is an educator and board-certified hair colorist with the American Board of Certified Haircolorists. “What I like is seeing us embrace more of our natural hues, living in safer places for color.:

You don’t have to be a real-life animé doll on your way to your 9 to 5. Really. (Unless your job is actually cosplaying!) But, with so many temporary options at your fingertips, feel free to spice it up for special occasions or performances. 

Click through for six must-try shades to ride the color wave — without going overboard.

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