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How To Find A New Hair Stylist

We all shudder at the thought of this changing our beloved hair stylist, but the only thing certain in life is, change. Stylists, like everyone else, move to other cities, go on maternity leave, and change career paths. Sometimes the change is voluntary and comes from your feeling that your current stylist doesn’t listen to your needs, or stay abreast of the hottest new trends. After you’ve discussed the issue and the problem continues, it may be time for a new hair stylist.


Tip 1:
While out and about, look for women with healthy tresses and hair styles you like. Ask the stylish diva what salon she frequents, what stylist she sees, and the price range of her services. In today’s world of cyber awareness, you can always type the salon or stylist into a search engine. Their are many helpful websites that rate salons and individual stylists.

Avoid following your first thought to ask a friend or relative. Many times they don’t want you to go to the person in which they share their intimate details… and gossip. They don’t want you to visit their stylist and risk letting any of their conversation “slip”. Plus, no one wants to be involved in any “mane” misunderstandings between yourself and the stylist.

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