A Second Black Teen With Locs Was Also Suspended By Texas School

Kaden Bradford
Photo Credit: Cindy Bradford

A second student at a Texas high school has been suspended for having dreadlocks. According to his mother, sophomore Kaden Bradford was put on at-home suspension since mid-month.

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This follows the suspension of his cousin, DeAndre Arnold, who made national headlines earlier this month after being suspended by the Barber Hills ISD district for his lengthy locs. The senior has been denied admittance in school and cannot walk at his graduation unless he cut his hair.

In a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, DeAndre shared the school said if he returns without cutting his locs, he faces either in-school suspension or being sent to an alternative school for students with behavioral problems.

Kaden Bradford
Photo Credit: Cindy Bradford

Prior to being suspended, Kaden’s mom, Cindy, had his hair cornrowed, but school officials are also denying him admission.

Both students have worn their locs in the school for years without any issue until after Christmas break. Kaden shares he wore a headband, while DeAndre wore his up in a high ponytail.

The boys’ mothers, who are sisters, said they will not cut their sons’ hair and, as a result, both are still not allowed admission onto the school’s campus.

They are now both considering taking legal action.

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