#QualityCheck: Do This Before You Install Your Next Weave

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Extensions are big business –for both women and men. Yet, as an editor, I always hear hair horror stories when it comes to finding quality hair. The number one question: how do I know if it’s quality hair.

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Of course, you want to buy from a reputable source, check for strange smells, and, of course, run your fingers through it. But, most of us thought you just won’t know until you install it.

Ellagant Hair founder Tim Starks says otherwise as he shares his number-one tip for checking the quality of your hair extensions.

“Before you touch it, cut, color it or anything, wash it,” he says. “No matter what it is⁠—a wig, a weft, whatever⁠—wash it three times.”

It may add more time to your styling session, but he says it is key for testing the hair’s performance.

“Three washes is equivalent to 90 days wear. When you wash it two or three times, you’ll know what that hair is gonna do. If there’s anything else in there, if it’s mixed with something, it’s going to start messing up on that second or third wash. It’s going to start tangling.”

He also recommends washing wefts while still wrapped in the bundle. “That way, if something happens, you can take it right back to the store and show that the hair is balling up or matting up,” he says.

“If you’ve already cut it up or manipulated, they can’t take it back.” 

This might be the best advice yet! What do you do to ensure your weave is on point.

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