K. Michelle Talks Music, Healing, And Her $200K Wig Collection

K. Michelle x Hype Hair Feb 2020
Photo Credit: Derek Blanks // Artwork: Candace Orange

R&B powerhouse K. Michelle has been serving up (hair) drama since she first hit the scene with daring blue tresses. And like her voice, it was bold, colorful and dramatic.

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She rocked rainbow pastels years before they were a thing and went through a red phase that gave us crimson goals, along with myriad other colors, textures and lengths. She even shaved it all off. Her switch-up game was so strong we often joked that she changed hair like she changed clothes. It turns out we weren’t far from the truth. 

“I don’t wear them but one time!” she says of her wig collection during a phone interview just weeks ahead of the release of her fifth full-length album, All Monsters Are Human. She is in the process of moving to Miami and, maybe, just realized her collection could stock her own store.

“I have rows and rows,” she says. “When they showed me how much money I spent on hair, it was crazy. I was spending, honestly, like over $200,000 in wigs.”

The Memphis native says she is going to either start washing to re-wear—or just donating— them. But from our conversation, odds are that she is just going to keep buying more. “Like some people need fresh new J’s, I always think I need a fresh new wig,” she laughs.

It might also have something to do with the fact she doesn’t do her own hair. “I get my hair done every day, but right now, I have micro links. That’s the best thing for me right now,” she says of the extensions which are similar to the fusion method but don’t use any heat or glue. Instead, the extensions are applied via a metal cylinder. 

“All I have to do is blow it out and curl it. I, at least, can do a little bump!”

K. Michelle X All Monsters Are Human

The artwork for her album puts her penchant for glam switch-ups on display. Lensed by Derek Blanks, she poses it up in one of the photographer’s signature alter-ego shoots. As an angel, she is draped in a long sheer, white floral embroidered gown rocking rooted deep burgundy hair. 

As the monster, her hair is replaced with a red, spikey jeweled crown, while riding her own back. It’s meant to call attention to the inner monster in all of us.

“I have it, you have it, we all do,” she says. “We all are the villains in somebody’s story. In my son’s story, I’m a hero. But if you ask one of my old friends, I’m a monster. It’s like that with everybody. So, we have to stop being so judgmental of each other when no one is perfect.”

Of course, K. Michelle’s monster had to be “cute,” as she puts it, but says it reflects the fire in her. “I think my monster has a short fuse; it doesn’t really tolerate a lot.”

But, as she noted on a recent Instagram post announcing the album, “We mature with the damage, not with the years.” And, even while serving her best face and ever-changing looks, K. Michelle has been hella transparent about her battles with personal and public monsters. 

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