Wendy Williams Wants To Know Whether Odell Beckham’s Hairline Is Real

Wendy Williams X Odell Beckham
Photo Credit: Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams just came for one of our fave man crushes and we are not here for it. During her Hot Topics segment on Friday (Jan. 17), the talk show host questioned whether or not NFLer Odell Beckham, Jr.’s hairline is real or Bigen-enhanced.

Wait, what? Have you seen this man’s hair?

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The question came while calling Odell out for allegedly slapping a New Orleans police officer’s behind after the LSU game Monday night. His pic pops up and she, like many us, took a minute to enjoy his attractiveness. (Let’s face it, even after cutting his hair, the man is a constant thirst trap).

“All kind of cute,” she said before saying that his “hairline is so perfect” that he might have added to it. “Is that a Bigen hairline or is that a real one?”

Odell Beckham, Jr.
Photo Credit: Instagram/obj

I may not be a hairline expert, but this is definitely not a Lebron James situation. Now there’s nothing wrong with a little help or filler where necessary, but we’re not seeing any extra fibers or “coloration” in the pic above.

But thank you, Wendy, for giving us another opportunity to ogle, er um, write about this fine man!

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