Watch This Beauty Blogger Achieve The Perfect Wash-N-Go On 4C Hair

No matter your hair type — whether kinky curly or wavy curly — mastering the perfect wash-n-go is the holy grail of natural hair styling. Many of us have watched tutorial after tutorial or stocked up on every cream, leave-in, jelly possible to get perfectly coiffed curls.

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Case in point: we just tuned in to beauty blogger Joynavon who shared how she achieved her hair goal on 4C hair with a deep conditioning treatment using Glow by Daye’s conditioning hair cap and Wetline Xtreme Professional Styling Gel.

Press play above to watch her create curl perfection.

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Stephenetta (isis) Harmon is founder/Black beauty directory for Sadiaa Black Beauty guide, the premier directory Black-owned beauty brands, and former digital media director for Hype Hair.