This Is How Wendy Williams’ Audience Producer Keeps His Grooming Game On Lock

Marco Glorious
Photo Credit: Jay Verma/Verma Photography

If you’ve ever wanted to be in the audience for a taping of “The Wendy Williams Show,” Marco Glorious is the guy that makes it happen. The Emmy-nominated audience producer is responsible for casting one of the best-dressed audiences on daytime television.

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While getting audiences lit during the commercial breaks — as well as hosting events throughout New York City — he has become known for (amongst other things) his impeccable beard and lengthy locs. We caught up with Marco to find out how he keeps his grooming game on lock.

HYPE HAIR: Your locs are epic! How long have you been growing them?
MARCO GLORIOUS: Thank you! I’ve been growing now for about 15 years. 

HH: They look like they smell good, too. What’s your secret to keeping them healthy?
MARCO:  I’ve been told they smell like wonderment and enchantment. 🙂 I like to use fragrances like lavender, frankincense and myrrh to flavor my locs. But, I’ve got to credit my locticians at NappStar NYC and Shakila for holding me down.

HH: Some might call your beard a thirst-trap. How do you care for it and avoid, uh, getting things trapped in it?
MARCO: LOL! I like to use a great beard butter from Maestro’s or Scotch Porter to smooth out my beard and to really make sure it glistens in the sunlight. And, I stay with my trusty beard pocket comb to make sure nothing gets caught in it. Combing my beard is one of the most comforting feelings.

Marco Glorious
Photo Credit: Ron Hill

HH: Your overall grooming is impeccable. What else is in your regimen?
MARCO: I wash my face with a great exfoliant like Mario Badescu at least five times a week and I like to clean my beard line with a straight razor to keep it sharp.

HH: Nice. Do you remember when you first fell in love with your hair? 
MARCO: Well, I was always that kid who had a lot of hair, but I probably didn’t fall in love with my hair until about eighth grade when I got my first shape-up. Combine that with making the basketball and football teams and I felt like I was killing ‘em!

HH: What’s the one product you can’t leave or travel without?
MARCO: Some may say that my scent is something that I’m known for, so it’s definitely my cologne. I’m a big fan of lasting fragrances. I like classic fragrances made by Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Issey Miyake, and Lancôme. 

HH: Any other must-haves?
MARCO: Occasionally, I combine my cologne and my fragranced oils to make a great- smelling concoction. And, being that I speak for a living, I like to lead with fresh breath and a smile, so my Altoids and my Colgate Optic White are always on deck!

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