This New 2-in-1 Shower Cap Is A Must-Have For Big Hair Lovers

Glow By Daye shower cap

Whether natural or nah, keeping our hair dry during shower time is a must. No one wants to mess up a perfect twist-out or have to hit that flat iron after a good splash. But, covering up can be a challenge — especially if you’re rocking a larger-than-life afro or down-to-there box braids.

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That’s where Glow By Daye’s latest offering comes in. The brand recently launched a shower cap that not only keeps hair dry (because, shower cap), but is adjustable to fit all hairstyles — and head sizes.

Founder Ranay Orton created this goodie when she couldn’t fit her natural hair or protective styles into traditional shower caps. It was a “struggle,” she said.

Glow By Daye shower cap

To stay dry, simply tighten the drawstring on the waterproof cap to comfortably fit on your head. Plus, it’s lined with 100% charmeuse satin, including the edge lining, to minimize frizz and snagging.

We also love that it’s reversible, so it can do double duty as both a shower cap and a conditioning cap.

“Efficiency is everything,” says Ranay. “It can also act as the perfect overnight conditioning/treatment cap to trap the heat and moisture on the inside to help open your hair cuticles for better treatment penetration.”

This is a welcome addition to my cap collection. I’m already a big fan of the brand’s flaxseed-filled deep conditioning caps and this one works great with my larger updos.

Want in? They retail for $19.99 and are available at

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