Celeb Hairstylist Kendall Dorsey On The Power Of Loving Your Hair & Getting Your Scalp Game On Point

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Celebrity hairstylist Kendall Dorsey is on a path to becoming your favorite stylist’s stylist. He has become known as much for the classic beauty of his hair creations as for his wig and styling techniques, landing covers and editorial spreads in some of today’s top glossies. 

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The former Oribe Haircare educator is also a go-to for hair goddesses such as Solange, Justine Skye, and Yara Shahidi. He created all of the looks for Solange’s visual album last spring, as well as more crush-worthy looks than we can count with Justine. He also created Lizzo’s epic 42-inch wig for her debut album cover and Nicki Minaj’s 50-inches of bone-straight slayage at the 2017 Met Gala.

There are more names to drop—like Winnie Harlow and Gigi Hadid—but Kendall’s focus is less about the celebrity and more about the work. With more than 15 years of mastering (and teaching) hair in the industry, he is looking to create opportunities for rising hairstylists and building a timeless portfolio of beautiful hair along the way.

We caught up with the Maryland native to talk about his goals, the power of loving your hair and getting your scalp game on point. 

Lizzo X Justine Skye
Lizzo’s ‘Cuz I Love You’ artwork // Justine Skye – Photo Credit: DVVINCI

HYPE HAIR: We love the looks you have been creating on Justine Skye as of late. Do you have any favorite hair moments with her?
KENDALL: One of my favorite hair moments is this look where she has like a really high ponytail. It’s extensions [that are] almost her exact hair texture. It’s just very, very natural. Very lived-in—it’s very her. That’s one of my favorite looks. And also, I did his flipped hairstyle on her for Farfetch and [her listening party]. We just did a nice bob. That was one of my favorite looks as well. Wow, I did do a lot of looks on her this past year! 

HH: How do you come up with Justine’s different looks?
KENDALL: Normally, when she has an event or a red carpet, we do group texts and she sends out the look and how she’s feeling, and then I create. I like to keep her look pretty clean because she has a very organic style—like the cool kids of now. And she really connects with her audience, so I don’t like to make her too glamorous or too edgy. I like to keep her hair with a lived-in, natural texture. It could be a topknot, it could be a weave, but everything feels like her.

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