This Hilarious Video Shows Just How Seriously Men Take Their Waves

360 jeezy waves hair
Photo Credit: YouTube/360Jeezy

We’ve come across hundreds of YouTubers dedicated to sharing their secrets perfect 360 waves — the coveted wave pattern for short cuts that starts at the center of the head and ripples out into waves. That includes everything from wolfing, copping the perfect curve brushes and silk durags to the wet towel and plastic bag methods.

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The latest trend to push through is the wash ‘n style, with guys doing a full 20-minute brush set on their wet hair with shampoo or conditioner, then rinsing out and drying their hair after they have wrapped it.

While some of the tutorials have been spot on, many have had us dying of laughter — like this young TikTok user n3ckrolls whose routine includes a pair of neon goggles, some shampoo that we would never recommend, a blow dryer and an infinite number of thumbs-ups throughout the process.

Press play below to get in a good chuckle, but be prepared to take notes.

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