Grind Pretty With MoKnowsHair

Photo Credit: Drea Nicole for Grind Pretty

When it comes to styling natural hair, Monica Stevens knows curls, so it’s no wonder she embraced the moniker MoKnowsHair. She’s even built an entire brand around it. The professional stylist and natural hair influencer has amassed a combined following of more than 644,000 YouTube and Instagram followers.

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Her enviable tresses and sage advice on all things hair created a demand for her personally-developed products, resulting in the creation of the MoKnowsHair Curl Collection, available exclusively at Sally Beauty. This beauty boss shared a little insight with Grind Pretty on what makes her tick and the products she swears by. 

GRIND PRETTY: What are your five beauty must-haves? 
MONICA STEVENS: MoKnowsHair Curl Collection Scalp + Curl Clarifier: a healthy scalp, leads to healthy hair! Trader Joe’s Rose Oil, great for the face and adding to body lotion. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, which keeps my makeup in place even if I sweat. Aveda Tulasāra Bright Concentrate because I have sensitive skin, and this evens my skin tone without harsh ingredients— no burning or irritation. Glossier Boy Brow—I can achieve groomed brows quickly, and it keeps the natural look of my brow hair. 

GP: How would you define beauty? 
MONICA: Feeling comfortable and confident that you are beautiful, worthy, loved and enough. 

GP: What do you believe is your purpose?
MONICA: My purpose is to live in God’s will with what is on loan to me from His Kingdom. It is my privilege to use this talent to help others, evolve the beauty industry, and beautify the world. My entrepreneurial journey is driven by my faith. God could’ve chosen anyone to do what I am doing, so I want to make sure that everything I do serves Him and, in turn, serves all of us in the brown beauty space. I am honored to be able to blend my business acumen with my natural skills and knowledge of hair care. 

GP: What mantra do you live by? 
MONICA: My mantra changes based on where I am in my life. Today, it is, “I don’t need to know how, because I know Who,” from Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church. I will just keep taking steps, living on purpose, with good intent and let God handle the rest. 

Additional Credits: Hair: Monica Stevens; Makeup: Mimi Johnson, The Glamatory; Wardrobe: Sudi Spence, SudiStyle

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