Hype Chat: Chrisette Michele On Restarting Her Music (And Hair) Journey

Chrisette Michele
Photo Credit: Marcus Owens

Chrisette Michele has had an eventful few years, as of late. From her controversial performance at the presidential inaugural ball to her marriage, miscarriage, and recent divorce, all of it has played out for the world to see. It’s a whirlwind of events that would likely knock even the strongest woman off her feet.

Yet, when Hype Hair met with the songstress at the 2019 Ubiquitous Expo, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Chrisette was not only doing well, she appeared to be thriving. Her radiant complexion, long, beautiful dreads and calm demeanor demonstrated a woman who was content, at peace and unbothered. 

What was the “Epiphany” singer doing? What has she been up to? Read on to find out. 

— Jessica De Vault Hale

HYPE HAIR: I know you’ve been working on some new music. Can you tell us about your latest project? 
CHRISETTE MICHELE: I keep saying this over and over just because I want to be clear. The latest project is me. Sometimes, we’ve got to work on our own projects. So that’s what I’m working on the most, but I am experimenting back in the studio again. I have missed my roots. My roots were jazz, gospel, that New York City undertone of hip hop, and the drums. So I’ve brought that back into the studio, and we’ve been playing with that. I’m expecting to release a single this fall from this sound that I’ve been cultivating. It brings it back to my studying global jazz performance in college and high school. That’s where the sound is going. 

HH: What will the album be about? 
CHRISETTE: Life, you know. It’s not a love album. It’s not a political album. It moves through relationships with yourself, with other people. It definitely goes to your knees, and you’re in prayer in a moment, and then there are some jazz moments that we infuse hip hop into to make it funky. 

HH: That sounds like it’s going to be a great project! Now, I know you’ve had a challenging couple of years, but seeing you today, you are glowing like no other right now. Tell me a little bit about what you’ve been doing to maintain this glow up. 
CHRISETTE: Sure, I took a journey within; took some time to be with myself, be with my God, and to be with my family. A lot of my grounding is the people who love me the most. So just getting quiet and start remembering. You know, sometimes we forget different parts of ourselves, and it can be so isolating at times, but these are some of the best times to really hear what God is saying to you. 

HH: You’ve always switched it up with different looks, and I see right now, you’re rocking the gold locs, which are fabulous. What was the inspiration for this style? 
CHRISETTE: I’ve always wanted dreads. I’ve done dreads twice now. A lot of my family has dreads, but I didn’t want to start them from very small because I knew I’d be on stage, and I wasn’t sure how I’d handle the styling. So, this was kind of like a shortcut to begin them long, and then as my natural hair dreads, I can cut off little by little. So, I’m very excited about it. It’s a lot of fun. 

HH: Is this going to be a permanent thing, or do you think you’re going to switch it up anytime soon? 
CHRISETTE: Well, this is the third time I’m dreading my hair, and I’ve always said they’re going to be permanent. But in my imagination, I see myself with dreads forever, so I’m thinking forever. 

HH: We’ve seen so many different looks on you. How would you describe your relationship with your hair throughout the years? 
CHRISETTE: The truth of the matter is that I’m ridiculously low maintenance. I can’t stand doing my head. I don’t like the process of having to comb through every single kink in order for it to look beautiful. I’ve said there’s got to be something that I can wake up and say I woke up like this. So, luckily, my hair dreads very easily, very quickly. 

HH: How can fans keep up with you? 
CHRISETTE: Yes, chrisettemichellesworld.com. [People] said they’ve missed my vlogs, and I love vlogging, but I just don’t know when it’s appropriate. So I just said, you know what, let’s just do it for this music and have some fun with it. 

This interview was edited for clarity and length.