Hype Chat: This Is How Beauty Entrepreneur Dayna Bolden Embraces Her Natural Kinks (And Beat The Postpartum Hair Blues)

Dayna Bolden
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Dayna Bolden has become a beauty powerhouse known for her kinky, tapered tresses and flawless skin. She first hit the scene simply looking to empower women of all hues and textures— especially 4C—to embrace their natural beauty in style.

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But, her look captivated everyday women who did not often see their tighter kinks and coils represented in beauty conversations. This helped catapult her platform, nationally and internationally.

Dayna admits she had to first learn to love her own natural curls. “The first time, I transitioned for almost nine months, and then I was like, ‘Okay, I can’t do this anymore.’” But she tried again and fell in love with her hair.

Fast forward six years, and she has gone on to serve as the face of such major brands as Crème of Nature and H&M while building a full-time beauty empire focused on inspiring women to love and embrace all of their kinks.

Here, we chat with the “beautypreneur” about her signature look, beating the postpartum hair blues and the message she hopes her daughter learns about hair.

— Stephenetta (isis) Harmon

Dayna Bolden
Photo Credit: Taylor S. Hunter

HYPE HAIR: First off, congratulations on the birth of your second child!
Thank you!

HH: And, your tapered ‘fro is everything! How did it become your signature look?
When I started my natural hair journey, my initial goal was to grow out my hair. I think everybody at some point wanted long hair and then you just kind of figure out, ‘Girl, this ain’t going to work for you.’ And then once I had my daughter, my hair just wasn’t growing at the rate I wanted it to. And, with postpartum, I had a lot of hair loss at that time, so I decided to cut it and put some sort of style to it. I big chopped again. I think that kind of defined me as a creator in the natural hair space.

HH: Why do you think that was such a big moment for your followers?
There weren’t a lot of women out here that had that look, so I think my audience really resonated with me sharing 4C hair and many of the struggles I’m going through and the products that worked for me.

HH: You actually tried to go natural once before? What made the second transition stick?
DAYNA: Sometimes it takes other people noticing something in you. I started to get confidence from my husband, the people around me and my community and that’s when I knew, okay, this is it. I’m never going back. And, over time—learning how to style my hair, finding all of the products that work and my hair looking amazing— I was like, ‘wow, I love this.’

HH: How did you get into the business of beauty?
I didn’t really see a lot of women that looked like me in terms of hair—the 4C and textured and short. So, back five years ago, I started a platform with a friend called Chic Naturalistas, and it just kinda blossomed. I didn’t think this was something that I could do as a career, but I’m lucky and glad that I’m able to. It was wholeheartedly me wanting to inspire other women with hair that looked like me to embrace and love their texture.

HH: How do you approach haircare?
Less is more. I’m really a low maintenance natural. That’s the beauty of having a short cut—you can literally sleep on your hair for a week, and you just fluff your hair, and it’s like, ‘Oh girl, your cut is bomb.’ The other beauty of having 4C hair is our hair is going to be textured. Your hair is not going to stay perfectly coiled and defined all the time. And that’s the way I personally like it. So I’m able to stretch my hairstyles because I can embrace the frizz and love the kinky texture on day five.

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