Ursula Stephen Shares How To Gets Twist-Outs To Dry Faster Without Drying Them Out

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Naturalistas know the struggle of achieving a good twist-out. Heck, we have memes galore commiserating our fails and the monumentous (yes, new word) joy when we get the perfect amount of moisture, twist, and definition.

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One of the biggest questions — or debates — we get from readers is how to get those twists to dry faster. Do you sit under a dryer and risk drying out your hair and scalp? (Do you even have a hooded dryer to do that?) Do you wish, pray, hope you can start your twist-out at 6 pm the night before so you can ensure you have all the air-drying time you could possibly need? Or do you end up with another fail?

Ursula Stephen, Unilever expert and hairstylist to stars like Zendaya and Tiffany Haddish, is here to settle the issue with a simple solution: do both.

But instead of a hooded dryer, grab your handheld. Ursula recommends “diffusing the roots first and then letting your hair air dry the rest of the way.”

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The scalps and roots are where most of us normally have dampness issues when it comes to unraveling your braided, twisted or flexi-rod set. So, grab that diffuser attachment and dry your roots on medium power with warm heat.

Another tip? Make sure hair is not too wet when starting off your wet set. “Start off with damp hair,” she says, to help with the drying process. For curl definition, she also recommends two offerings from Suave Professionals for Natural Hair lineup — Curl Defining Cream ($4.99) and Define & Shine Serum Gel ($4.99) — to help lock in moisture and elongate curls.

“This will also help set the style overnight and will leave the curls shiny,” she says.

Love! What’s your secret for a perfect twist-out? Sound off below!

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