6 Tips For Transitioning To Natural Hair Without Doing A Big Chop

natural hair twist out
Photo Credit: Terricks Noah/Unsplash

Natural hair is more than a movement to celebrate your God-given kinks, coils and curls. It’s also a movement to trade in harsh and often toxic chemicals for more natural and healthier alternatives.

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But, “the transition from chemicals to natural can be a tough, emotional and physical process,” says haircare expert Dr. Melanye Maclin-Carroll (aka Dr. Mac). And that’s whether you big chop or want to hold on to your length.

While a buzz cut may seem drastic, many of us are far too familiar with the battle of the hair textures. Like this:

Photo Credit: Mosara

But for those of us who would rather battle than buzz, we’ve tapped Dr. Mac for some do’s to keep both your relaxed and natural hair as healthy as possible until you’re completely free of your chemically-treated hair!

Read on for six quick tips.

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