Cover Story: Dr. Heavenly Kimes On The Power Of A Good Smile (And Loving The Skin You’re In)

Hype Hair November 2019
Photo Credit & Artwork: Hannah Aryee

Married To Medicine star Dr. Heavenly Kimes is more than just a reality TV housewife or socialite. One might just call her a smile boss.

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With more than 22 years of dentistry under her belt, including purchasing and flipping seven successful practices, she has turned a good smile into a multimillion-dollar bag. And, she’s damn good at it. “Business is booming,” says the dental mogul. Just last month, she was voted as 2019 Top Cosmetic Dentist in Duluth, Ga.

She has also penned two self-help books: Heavenly’s Business Prescriptions: You Can Have it All, focused on entrepreneurial success, and the other, The Business of Love, focused on securing your relationship.

But, while Dr. Heavenly stays busy, she has mastered just how booked she needs to be in order to be successful. In fact, she only sees clients three days a week.

“It’s about priorities,” she shares during a phone interview between patients. “I take my family values very seriously, so, usually, I do not answer my phone after 4 or 5. I multi-task, like you see I’m doing now, and I have a great staff.”

Here, she talks beauty must-haves, loving the skin she’s in and changing the world–one smile at a time.

Hype Hair November 2019
Photo Credit: Hannah Aryee

HYPE HAIR: What made you want to join Married to Medicine?
DR. HEAVENLY KIMES: My husband [Damon] was the one that encouraged me to do it. He thought I was funny, smart and I have tough skin. He does not play a big role in the show — he’s a medical doctor. I think he’s one of the only men on the show that has his own practice.

HH: How have you managed to escape the ‘reality TV curse’ in your relationship?
DR. HEAVENLY: It is reality TV, so it does ruin relationships. But, I think a lot of people were probably going to get divorced anyway. I feel like it’s helped mine. I think we’re closer than ever. I can see the love that me and my husband have for each other on camera, and it makes me love him even more.

HH: Do you think it’s helped your practice, as well?
DR. HEAVENLY: Business is booming, and we’re doing some amazing things with dentistry! I knew I was silly and shady, and all of that, so I thought it would affect my business in a negative manner, but it has not. In fact, my business has flourished because of the show.

HH: Like your extreme dental makeovers? Tell us about that.
DR. HEAVENLY: We do what we call “teeth-in-a-day,” where we’re able to place full mouth implant on the same day. Of course, they have to come in first for the measurements, imprints and CT scans. But, once we get everything we need, the surgery takes about five hours, and we place permanent implants with teeth.

HH: What inspired such a major beauty overhaul?
DR. HEAVENLY: I love to see people smile, laugh. It just changes their lives.

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