Tami Roman Reveals Hair Fell Out Ofter Bad Dye Job

Tami Roman X 2019 BET Awards
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We often share horror stories about why you need to see a stylist when it comes to major hair moves — like a cut, chemical or color.

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Well, reality TV star Tami Roman is showing and proving why you not only need to see a pro, but also why you need to actually listen to your stylist’s recommendations.

She recently appeared on an episode of Personal Injury Court to share her hair horror story to provide advice in a case involving a woman who had suffered extensive damage from a scalp infection, scarring and hair loss after a botched weave job.

After being called a “hair icon” by Judge Gino Brogdon, Tami shared how she had requested her stylist bleach her hair platinum blonde. He said, “it’s going to be difficult,” but despite his objections, she had it done.

“Six weeks later, all the hair fell out,” she said while removing her wig. “I wanted what I wanted and now I’m bald.”

So that’s why she went natural back in September!

The show’s court case also highlighted another major issue when it comes to hair and scalp care — and that’s the need to see a dermatologist. Hairstylists are not doctors and cannot legally diagnose your scalp issues — but they should know when to refer you to see one (and deny services until you do).

In addition to failing to listen to plaintiff Tracy Adams’ concerns that the braid base was too tight, hairstylist Cheryl “The Weaving Queen” Brown, was quite aware that Tracy had previous scalp trauma. She actually showed a picture of apparent scalp issues and dirty hair prior to braiding and weaving Tracys’ hair. Fail.

Judge Gino ultimately ruled in Tracy’s favor, awarding her $480K in damages to help repair her scalp.

Press below to watch the full case below and take heed why you need to not only need to see a hair professional but also be active in your hair care the next time you want to make a major hair move.

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