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Reflect Beauty Awards Is A Win For Melanated Beauty

Reflect Beauty Awards
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We came, we saw, we slayed. And while the first-ever Reflect Beauty Awards is drawing to a close, it’s FAR from over: it’s just getting started!

Let’s Recap

The last four weeks were pretty epic. Reflect Beauty identified and honored the very best in makeup, hair, and skin products that meet the unique beauty needs of multicultural women, aka the products we use on the regular!

Each week, the Reflect Beauty influencers and editors shared trending and classic looks(like the warm-glam makeup look by @ulovemegz, and the “bodylicious” blow-out on @itslesliealvarado) among others. The launch also tackled some of our biggest beauty-related challenges, discussing the most effective solutions for us and the winning products that get the job done.

The best part—Reflect Beauty judges chose and shared the products that they actually use and love! So be sure to shop the complete list of Reflect Beauty Award winners HERE! #YourFavesFaves

Own the Conversation, Drive the Change

The first-ever Reflect Beauty Awards also provided a platform for leading multicultural voices to own the conversation on beauty inclusion, and drive change. With that, we want to give a special thanks to our powerful collective–top influencers Jessica Pettway, Megz, Sandy Lin, Ada Rojas, Sheba Snow, and Leslie Alvarado; the editors and the Mirror Digital team, partners like Clinique Even Better Make Up, Clinique iD, and Uoma; and leading publishing partners like xoNecole, Quien, HypeHair, Vida Latina, and 50 Shades of Snail—for reminding the world that every woman deserves an equal opportunity not only to embrace and find confidence in the hair and skin she’s in, but to see herself reflected in popular media.

Together, the platform and its partners are working to make this radical but necessary shift from a collective beauty standard, to an inclusive conversation where every woman is encouraged to define her own beauty. And it starts right here, right now… it starts with YOU. So we’re shouting you out, too! Thanks for joining the movement!

What Now?

Reflect Beauty will continue to be a consumer-led community and safe space where you can share your experiences, frustrations, and triumphs of being your naturally gorgeous self. It is your mirror in the beauty, fashion, health, and wellness arenas, and strive to celebrate, uplift, and educate women of color, around the world. They can help you be a reflection of your best self.

Follow Reflect Beauty on Instagram and Facebook, and head over to to keep the conversation going, year-round! In the comments below, tell us the brands and products you’re loving and why!