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CurlyNikki’s Top Tips For Perfect Skin

Reflect Beauty tips for clear skin
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Let’s talk face.  Particularly, serving it.  Black Girl Magic is real.  So real that it’s actually backed by science! According to experts, skin color affects how skin ages and, generally speaking, the darker the skin, the longer it takes to show signs of aging. That, plus, Black skin tends to have a thicker dermis layer, which means more collagen production, which means more awesome compliments like, ‘Whaaaa?! No way you’re 40! I would’ve guessed 27 max.’ 

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But while our glorious melanin protects us from harmful sun rays and premature aging, it can leave us susceptible to hyperpigmentation: the dreaded dark spots. This is one of the reasons why we need sunscreen too — and an extra-thorough skincare regimen to keep putting our best face forward. Below, with the help of the gawgeous Reflect Beauty Award judges Megz and Jessica Pettway, I’ll share a basic routine to get you started.

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