Natural Hair Is For Everyone

Hype Hair Natural HairI was amazed that women weren’t giving into what’s deemed beautiful on TV and instead looking at themselves for beauty and slowly society began to catch on. So over time I learned this natural hair movement is for everyone and sort of necessary. With so much superficiality running rampant in our culture and women spending $30K to look like Kim Kardashian. It’s only right that you begin to save money to look like yourself.

So the idea that natural is for a certain women is preposterous. You take yourself out of the opportunity of a lifetime because you’ve weighed easy manageability over having coif freedom. Instead all you need is patience in order to transform your mane to its natural state. Its like a new relationship; you have to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Some days are going to be frustrating because you want to go back to what’s easy, but if its worth it, like a good head of hair is, you’ll stick it out.



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