Natural Hair Is For Everyone

Natural Hair

The most annoying comments I hear from women who aren’t natural is “it isn’t for me” or criticism over another women who has taken the natural ‘do plunge. It’s fascinating how much women would rather stick to damaging hair techniques than invest the time and energy in nurturing their hair. How is a healthy, well maintained mane in its natural state not for you? That’s like saying being healthy and fit isn’t your steez or you’re unworthy of a good man that won’t cheat–it just doesn’t make sense.

The great thing about having natural hair is that it isn’t an exclusive club with limited admission. It’s a free-for-all for women who don’t want to rely on creamy crack or weaves to feel beautiful. I’ll admit when the whole movement began I was skeptical over the militant effect it had on some women. Some took it overboard and approached the change as a campaign against women who were “selling out to the white man’s product.” But me being natural my whole life, I realized it means much more to be a proud natural girl.

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