Brush Breakdown: 8 Makeup Brushes Everyone Should Own

Hype Hair Foundation BrushLet’s be honest, most women don’t know how to properly apply makeup. We teach ourselves and as long as we have a beat face, we don’t ask any questions. But that’s the wrong approach! While it’s not an imperative life skill you need to learn, if you want get a better, more flawless face then the technique you’re so used to, you  should take notes. Flip the page to see our crash course on the palette brushes you should have stashed in your makeup bag.

Foundation Brush

There’s all types of pads you can use to blend in your liquid foundation, but a foundation brush is the best way to get a light, even coat spread equally around. It’ll help you achieve the natural look.

In Picture: Ecotools Flat Foundation Brush, $5.99

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