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Queeny Kaay
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Queeny Kaay

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Whether they are a micro-influencer who has a fresh approach to caring for natural hair, or a sage vlogger who we’ve watched grow up online, beauty bloggers give us a new perspective on our beauty routine. While social media is full of those looking to be Insta-famous, there are a select few who rise above the pack. Get to know our latest pick for must-follow hair and beauty slay.

HYPE HAIR: When and how did you get started in vlogging? QUEENYKAAY: I started vlogging about seven years ago. I’ve always been into capturing moments with my camera, so I was inspired by other Black girls on YouTube, like Patricia Bright, who would get online just to be fun and entertaining! Thatʼs where I started. I didnʼt really have a reason to be online sharing videos, but it was a creative outlet for me.

HH: What was your career before this?
QUEENYKAAY: YouTube has been my only career! I started right out of high school and didnʼt have time to get into anything else. I intentionally wanted YouTube to be my career. Besides YouTube, acting is my other job. Having flexibility allows me to pursue both dreams!

HH: How would you describe your signature style?
QUEENYKAAY: I would describe my personal style as classic, simple and chic. I am very minimalistic in how I dress—neutral tones, not many patterns, quite relaxed, but still put together.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@QueenyKaay

HH: What has been the hardest part of being a well-known blogger?
QUEENYKAAY: What I have found to be difficult is that I canʼt voice too many of my opinions because everyone wants you to agree with them. Iʼm a bit of a people-pleaser, so I try not to offend anyone. I keep my personal opinions to myself, so I never get attacked. Itʼs scary to think that I can reach so many people so quickly. Because of that, I always post things with the thought of “will I be okay with this going viral?” If not, I wonʼt post it. I don’t want negative attention, so I have to triple-check everything I share. There are some crazy people online, and the more I grow, the more I encounter.

HH: What do you think sets you apart from other aspiring influencers?
QUEENYKAAY: I think nowadays itʼs so easy to get caught up in the drama, money, and attention that comes from social media. I try to keep it real online. Iʼm also a Canadian natural hair Youtuber. There arenʼt many of us! I am different because I am me! My personality, my hair, and my skin set me apart. Everyone is unique in their own way. 

HH: What one hair or makeup tool that you cannot live without?
QUEENYKAAY: I cannot live without my hard bristle brush or my wooden brush! I live in buns so I need my hair taming tools. I also would not be myself without my beauty blender. It’s the secret to the perfect foundation.