Get The Look: Tantalizing Textures!

Tantalizing Textures Contrary to popular belief, you are never limited with what you can do with your textured tresses. There are so many fun and playful looks you can achieve with it. These two styles are perfect examples. You can go from a fabulous, upswept look with side twists and then switch it up to a side-parted layered look for another great style. The options are endless!

To get the looks, start off with clean and conditioned hair. As you can see, our model has a beautiful sheen throughout her hair. We suggest working a little bit of hair dress throughout the hair before creating twists. This will help you achieve long-lasting shine. Next, part the hair in small sections and then two-strand twist each section.

Remember: the smaller the sections, the more defined your waves will be. Be sure to connect the twists as you go along. Allow the twists to air dry over night and then release them in the morning or when the twists are completely dry.

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