11 Celebrities That Are Overdue For a Complete Hair Makeover

Beyonce BanBossyWe get that celebrities are often directed so much in their life that their beauty is all they pretty much can control. And when your days are unpredictable you may keep your tresses simple and redundant for the sake of your sanity, but lets be real, many celeb women need to take control of their hair and switch it up.

Seeing the same color, length and style day in and day out is bland, especially when you’re constantly photographed, snagging covers and shooting videos. We love these women, but a good chop, dye or bold upd  may be the push they need to reclaim their hype look.

Check out our celeb favs that are overdue for a hair makeover.


We love Bey, and while she gives us life with everything, her hair is killing her vibe. She may have cut her hair uber short once upon a time, but since we rarely see the actual length, what was the point? It’s time she tries a new color (maybe go darker) or bring back that short ‘do for longer than the length of a music vid.

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