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5 Fall Makeup Trends For Melanated Magic

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Fall is here! But for the first time in my whole entire life, I live where the seasons don’t switch up!  Instinctually, I still did, tho — from iced to hot lattes, from slides to booties, and from sun-kissed, no-makeup looks to soft, glam ones.  Autumn is all about warm, rich, earthy colors; colors that really complement my highly melanated situation.  So, I’m absolutely not missing out just because I now reside in a naturally subtropical habitat!

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In the past, my makeup-shy self played it safe and steered clear of bold eyes and dark lips; pulling off fall trends can be … tricky. There’s a fine line between ‘warm glam’ and ‘trial run for Halloween,’ or between ‘yasssss’ and ‘yeah, no.’  But in the spirit of switching it up, I’m highlighting (and definitely rocking) the top five warm glam trends for darker skin.

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