Woman’s Blonde Dye Fail Shows Why You Need To See To A Professional

Kristen Rankin
Photo Credit: Facebook/KristenRankin

Another day, another dye fail. This time it’s from a woman who thought she could bleach her hair blonde with a box dye AND relax it on the same damn day.

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Instead of luxurious golden locks, she is now left with a hot tangled mess and had to seek out the help of licensed stylist and color expert Kristen Rankin to try to salvage the situation.

This should not be an “I told you so,” moment, but dang it. Telling you to see a stylist for life-changing hairstyle changes is not a covert attempt to rob you of your coins — it’s to protect your treasured tresses.

“Chemicals are not something you want to mess with without the proper knowledge and training, this is exactly why,” wrote Kristen in a Facebook post sharing the damage. “Her hair is beyond recovery.”

Kristen Rankin
Photo Credit: Facebook/KristenRankin

The woman lost clumps of hair, had to have at least one big chop and will need to rock a wig until it grows out or she is comfortable with being a bald baddie.

Kristen shared the woman’s pictures with her permission for “educational purposes.” Box dyes, she said, are meant to work on a variety of hair types, thickness, and texture, making it impossible to take into account your specific hair’s needs.

“When you have your hair done by a professional, the color is customized for you specifically with the integrity of your hair taken into consideration.”

Kristen Rankin
Photo Credit: Facebook/KristenRankin

She added that box dyeing is just fine for those who may have been doing it “for years and plan to keep it the same color forever.” But, she said, if you ever want to change up, to see a stylist. And, make sure to tell your stylist about your past dye jobs.

“This is so important because the metallic dyes in the box color can react with our products and damage your hair!”

So, next time you decide to balk at your stylist for saying it could take multiple sessions to get your desired color, stop it. Please.

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