LeBron James’ Hairline Slides Off During Lakers Game

LeBron James
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NBA baller LeBron James continues to take the phrase “snatching our edges” to places no man (or woman) should want to go. His movable hairline has become constant fodder for jokes over the years — as he is known to have a luxurious hairline one minute and a struggle half-moon lineup the next.

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And whatever he’s doing, it didn’t do him well this weekend during Saturday night’s game against the Utah Jazz. In fact, his hair unit — because that’s what is, right? or are those fibers? — anyway, whatever is, took a whole timeout during the game to inch away from his headband and his scalp.

LeBron James
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And, it was his fellow teammate Anthony Davis who had to point out the pushback to him on LIVE national broadcast television.

Shout out to Anthony for having his boy’s back. But, damn LeBron. Why?!?! You have got too much money, power, and legacy. Seriously, he’s in the top 5 of the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

We get it. The search for edges is not just a “woman thing.” Men are out here rocking whole ass lace front fades, spray-on hairlines, and other weaving methods to temporarily secure their hairlines.

But, I often wonder if his wife Savannah ever tries to have conversations around this. Or if she, too, has to act like she doesn’t get the 39 bazillion messages from her girls asking, “what’s up with your mans and his hair?”


I really wish LeBron would just let this one go. His “hair today, gone tomorrow” antics are high-key embarrassing. There’s no consistency — just continued moments for live fails. And his no-comments on his hair are even funnier, as if when he remains silent, we will, too. Nah, bruh. The jokes are vicious on Twitter.

And it’s not it’s like LeBron has an itty-bitty-peanut head, either. I personally think he would like just fine with a smooth, bald shave. Michael. Kobe. Come on, LeBron. We promise, we will still love you.

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